The common thread running through all of our services can only be described as steadfast communication.

Services In Brief

Broadcast Finishing

We have broadcast finishing down to a science.  Our procedures and checklists may seem pretty nitpicky and scrupulous‎ but they have been developed over the years to ensure nothing but the highest quality and results that meet the broadcasters technical requirements.  Our sound mixers and colorists have amazing skills and creative talent, but they never lose sight of the underlying limits imposed on broadcast television.


Editorial - Packaging, Promos, Underwriting

Color Grading

Sound Finishing

Quality Control Evaluation

Standards Conversion

Video Legalization

Tape and File Based Mastering

Closed Captioning



PillarShare is a distribution service created specifically to meet the needs of the public television and independent producer.  We are offering a low cost and more personal alternative to the big aggregators.


Editorial Formatting and Packaging

Caption Reformatting

Digital File Compliance


Digital Distribution

DVD / Blu-Ray



digital management

Maintaining control over digital assets has become a primary focus of our industry.  At Pillar To Post we know the importance of a secure and organized digital asset system.  That's why National Geographic has trusted us to QC, archive, edit, encode and deliver over 3000 of their programs.


Digital Quality Control



Caption Management



File Based Delivery

Festival Preparation

Pillar To Post has mastered thousands of independent films for Festival and Broadcast exhibition.  We understand the unique challenges and deadlines involved with successful delivery of your life’s work.


Tape Based Mastering



File Based Mastering


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