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The world of digital media opens up amazing possibilities for the future of your work.  Having complete control over you digital masters is a critical part of the process.  Let pillar2post store your mezzanine digital master and closed caption file.  We can quickly prep and reformat your assets for any purpose.  Every program is maintained and archived on our immediate access fiber channel RAID array.  We also protect you with an off-site disaster recovery copy on LTO tape.  Our catalog is managed using the robust CatDV asset management system along with our own database.


Every day, new avenues are opened that provide a greater audience for your work.  We have the tools and skills to help you reach them.  Digital File Compliance is an important key to trouble free distribution.  Our automated and human evaluation systems ensure that your program will pass all technical checks with digital partners.


Whether you call it encoding, transcoding or exporting, we've mastered it.  Be ready for anything.  That's the one thing we've learned over the past 5 years working with National Geographic.  Documentary and guerrilla style video is filled with mixed frame rates, field orders and aspects.  We know how to analyze and preserve the quality of nearly any source.


Pillar To Post can encode to virtually any requirement and then deliver via most of the popular accelerated file transfer systems.  We have regular deliverys to PBS via Sony Ci, Viacom via Signiant and National Geographic via Aspera.   Our Transporter login is your direct connection with iTunes.  We have Aspera delivery set up with nearly a dozen partners and growing.  Upon request we'll set up a dedicated FTP login for you, through our super high speed fiber connections.


We don't loose sight of the fact that Blu-Ray and DVD players still adorn more than three quarters of American households.  We work closely with amazingly talented Blu-Ray authors whom specialize in the art of disc based media.


Reaching the world through festivals.  We'll create pristine copy of your program on tape or DCP.  Learn more on our Festival page.



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